Tuesday, November 18, 2008

One Little Tooth is all it takes.

One little tooth is all it takes to make all your worries go away......For a while that is!

On Thursday as Cadence was chewing away at my fingers i noticed there was something sharp in her gums...What could it be but her very first tooth!!!! I was so excited for some reason. It actually made me cry my little baby is growing up so very fast. That day i was stressing about life in general but when i noticed her tooth it was like all that worrying was gone. Well until i thought of breastfeeding her with a little tooth then the worrying came back LOL!

Last Friday my mom and nieces came up to my house for the weekend and we had so much fun! Cadence loves my nieces. She giggles at them and gives them kisses and loves. It's so cute!

Taylor is wearing my dress from my freshman homecoming and Kylee is wearing parts of my pajama pants!!! They had a hole in them so i let them rip them off of me. Then she wanted to use it as a cape and hat. Cadence just loved sitting in between them so getting her to smile was easy!

Cadence wanted to join in the big girls game of Uno and she was so cute just looking at her cards. After about 2 mins she decided to eat them so her Uno playing came to an end.

On Sunday us girls played around and when Shane wasn't paying attention we dive bombed him. We had such a good time with my nieces i just love when there here.

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