Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wrapped Around Her Finger

One Year ago on this day May 6th i looked like the picture below. Not knowing what was ahead for me and how much it was going to change my life i had this picture taken.

From the moment she was born my life changed for the better. Cadence has made me a better person and shown me what the true meaning of LOVE is.

Since that first day i layed eyes on her i was Wrapped Around Her Finger!

And Now the day before my baby girl turns 1 all i can do is wonder where the time went. However im so thankful for every minute of every day i have with her. She is my best friend and the best Daughter anyone could ever ask for!!!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Harrison Hot Springs

Oh what a wonderful husband i have!
On saturday Shane planned a little get a way for just him and I to go and stay over night at Harrison Hot springs.
This was our first night spending it with out Cadence since she has been born.
My mom was up so i knew she was in good hands but i was still very nervous.
Here are a few pictures where we stayed.

This is a picture of the outside of the resort. It's about 1.5 hours from our house. We go boating in the lake there every summer. It's Beautiful!

This is a picture of our hotel room. When you open the sliding glass door you walked out to the Adult pool!

This is the Adult pool. It was so wonderful to sit in!!! I wish it was in my back yard!

These are pictures of the outside pools. There were 3 outdoor pools and 2 inside. It was heaven. Oh and the best part was on sunday morning Shane had booked me a full body massage in the spa!!!

It was such a relaxing trip, even at first when i was uptight the hot pools, drinks and spa's melted my worries away and we had a great time!!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Tagged By Becky!

Since Becky tagged me to do this i guess i better :)
However my computer doesn't have internet currently and i have to use Shane's so i wont be able to go to my 4th picture file and select the 4th picture in it. What i will do is go to the only picture file he has in his computer and select the 4th picture in that. Here ya go!!!

This Picture is so funny. Cadence was playing around with Daddy and to me it looks like she is telling him....Who's Boss!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Oh What a Wonderful Year!

-We celebrated My sister in law, niece, grandma, cousins, mine and Shanes birthdays!

-We got to see our baby by ultrasound again! Not to much longer!
-We got a new bathroom re-model! WooHoo for a Bath Tub!

-I got bigger and bigger by the day!
-My Mom, Myself and Becky all worked on and finished the nursery!

-Watched my brother re-unite with his kids after 10 years!!!
-Had a baby shower thown by Becky, Amy and Stephanie for me in Monroe.
-Had another baby shower thrown by Jenny and Tammy in Vancouver, WA

-Shanes first race as a Daddy @ Evergreen he WON!!!!

-Played with Cadence
-Took Cadence to Olive Garden with Becky for the first time.
-Went to Portland for a week to visit family and show off Cadence.
-Went to Vernon, BC with Becky to watch Shane and Pete race.

-Cadence celebrated her first Canada Day July 1st!
-We took Taylor and Kylee and Cadence to Osoyoos, BC for a mini vacation for the 4th of July.
-My mom came up and we had a Bon Fire.
-We took all the girls to the Beach in White Rock, BC

-Cadence started to eat real food.
-She also started to stand by herself holding furniture.

-We took a trip to Victoria, BC for a race. My mom and Dayna came along and went sight seeing with us.

-Had one scary day in October when we had to make a trip to the ER for Cadence.
-Spent Halloween at my brother house and went trick or treating with my nieces.

-Cadence is 6 months old November 7th!
-My nieces come up to visit
-Cadence gets her first tooth then her second in a week.
-Shane and I Celebrate our 2 year wedding anniversary.
-Cadence has her first Thanksgiving in the US!

-We have a huge snow storm that dumps over 3 feet
-Christmas shopping with Auntie Becky and Grandma Pam
-Cadence has her first Christmas
-Cadence has now offically mastered crawling!
-We got our family pictures done.
-We Celebrate the last day of the year at Todd and Teresa's house New Years Eve.