Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Some First's for Cadence!

Monday May 26th Becky came up and hung out with Cadence and I. We decided to take her to lunch at Olive Garden for the first time. She never made a peep, she slept the whole time and even allowed us to take a picture of her with a bread stick :) We came home that night and hung out watching her sleep and talking baby stuff. That night Shane, Becky, Cadence and I all went to Dairy Queen for dinner. (Shane's idea) We had a great time! Cadence loves Aunt Becky that's for sure!

So while talking with Becky i got this idea that i wanted to go visit my family but i wasn't ready to drive all the way down there with just Cadence and I. So i called my mom and asked her if she would come up and pick us up on Wednesday and take us down to her house for a few days.....She said Yes!!!

So on Tuesday night mom came up and on Wednesday May 28th we loaded up and took Miss Cadence to the USA for the first time in her short little life. Shane had to drive us across the border and my mom followed. Because we didn't have her birth certificate both parents had to take her across. So we stopped right across the border and got in with my mom. Poor Shane was so sad that his new daughter was leaving him for a few days. It broke my heart just to see him so sad!

So on the road we went and she slept from our house in Canada all the way to Burgerville in Centrailia!!! It was perfect timing we could feed her and eat Burgerville. YUM YUM! Also her first time to Burgerville!
Once we got into Vancouver, WA our first stop was my brothers house. Taylor my niece had a softball game that night at 6 and since i had never been down on a weeknight before we had to go watch her! She did sooooo good! She is going to be a GREAT player when she gets older. This was mine and Cadence's first time to Taylor's game.

Cadence all bundled up for the game!
So after the game we went to Seth's and visited for a while then left and went to moms where we hung out til Friday afternoon. We had a great time hanging out with my mom and not really doing anything but playing with Cadence and taking pictures :)

On Friday afternoon we packed up and Cadence and i went back to Seth's house and stayed the night there. We had a good time hanging out with the girls and it was the first time Cadence met her Great Grandma Betty and Great Aunt Carleen and Great Uncle Perry. She got spoiled being carried around by everyone :)

Saturday we loaded up and Mom, Me, Cadence, Taylor and Kylee hit the road and headed to Monroe, Wa for Shane's race. Cadence had never seen dad race so this was a big first for her
Shane was so excited we were coming home and he was so excited to get back into his race car.
We got to the track before the heat races, Shane met us at the door he couldn't wait!

Stephanie finally got to meet Cadence and she didn't want to put her down. I think Cadence has that effect on people :) During all the races she just slept right threw. The noise didn't seem to bother her at all. During Shane's race or should i saw caution fest, she slept all the way until the last lap when she woke up. Probably because we were all cheering so loud for Shane because he WON on the last lap!!! It was awesome! Once all the races were over they did the trophy presentation and Cadence got to go up on the podium for the first time! Shane was one proud daddy.

We got home that night around 3:30 am...Such a long night but a wonderful week and weekend.
I love spending time with my family and going to the races and having Cadence there makes it so much better!

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